What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment, which can reach into the sub-conscious mind and change long held beliefs, which can be causing us to suffer difficulties throughout our life.

An example could be, a young woman is bullied because she is slightly overweight, the continuous barbs and negative comments become stored within the woman’s mind and she becomes more and more unhappy with her size and because of this she begins a campaign of weight loss in a very destructive way and this leads to an eating disorder. The hypnotherapist would therefore try to reach those negative thoughts and ideas, which have become lodged within the woman’s sub-conscious and change those negatives to positives and thereby changing the woman’s view of herself making her happier with her body image and if she wants or needs to lose a bit of weight, this will be achieved in a less destructive way.

Smoking is one of those habits, which impact on our health in so many ways from chronic lung disease to heart problems, cancer to digestive disorders.

Smoking is usually a result of watching other people smoke, if your parents smoke for example, then it is often the case you will take on the habit as we learn by example and because we are taught our parents should always be obeyed as they know best it is no wonder we think, well if mum and dad smoke then it is okay for me to smoke. Friends can also encourage us to take up smoking, by making us feel like we are not part of the gang because we don’t smoke and because we don’t want to be left out we except their offer of a cigarette.

The hypnotherapist will attempt to change our view of smoking although this can only happen if we really want to stop the habit.

So hypnotherapy can help with many disorders and conditions. Hypnotherapy can also help with stress and anxiety as well as all manner of fears and phobias.

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