Top and Toe

Bob massaging head and foot.
How is this for a great relaxing treatment. I would like to introduce the top and toe massage.
“ What is a top and toe massage?” I can hear you say.
Top and toe massage is an hour treatment in which I will massage the head and face and then massage the feet.
Everyone loves having their feet massaged especially when they ache and feel tired and painful. Maybe you have been dashing round the shops all day or your work means you spend much of the day on your feet, if this sounds like you then a foot massage would be just what you need. Now imagine having both your head and feet treated at the same time. Having your head and face massaged helps to smooth out all the worry and stress of the day. We all carry stress in our upper bodies and this can produce headaches, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions. The head and face massage can bring about a feeling of well-being and promote better sleep.
So what’s not to like, if you want a nice relaxing pampering treatment, why not give top and toe a try, if you have a condition or disorder, which might respond well with the top and toe massage then give me a call and I would be happy to discuss the treatment with you and if you decide to give it a go then I can make you an appointment.

1 hour of top and toe treatment is £35.
But I am offering an introductory price of £25 if you book before October 31st.