Someone with a stress headacheStress is not just another of those buzz words, which seem to come into our lexicon every now and again.
Stress is real and it can be the cause of many problems.
We all suffer stress sometimes in our lives. Those bills that need to be paid, neighbour disputes, troubles with children and other family members, the pressures put upon you at work, all bring about feelings of stress.
How often during stressful situations have you wanted to just have a little time out for yourself? The problem with being under stress is that it can bring about other conditions, which in their turn make you feel ill and unable to cope with daily life. Some people can suffer from skin conditions bought about by stress, headaches are also quite common and feelings of fatigue, tiredness, lack of concentration are often magnified by stress.
It is a fact, Insomnia is another disorder, which is made worse by stress, you are so stressed out by problems, you just cannot switch off and sleep and it becomes a vicious circle, stress makes the problems seem worse and the problems bring on even more stress.
The treatments I offer can all help to ease stress. Reflexology balances the bodies systems, helps the clients to relax and aids better sleep. Massage is excellent when being used to rid a person of those feelings of stress. The body becomes tense making it difficult to get on with your day. Massage can help to relax tense muscles, which in turn brings about a feeling of well-being. For half hour or more a person can completely unwind while I the therapist massages away all their stress.
You need not live with stress, don’t let stress rule you, take control of problems in a more relaxed and calm manner.