Some questions about Hypnotherapy answered.

Q. During a treatment am I under the hypnotherapist’s control?

A, No, you are never under the control of the therapist and you can stop the session at anytime if you wished to do so, the therapist cannot force you to except suggestions that you would be uncomfortable excepting.

Q, Do I go to sleep like in the films?

A, Hollywood have much to answer for with their depictions of hypnotherapy, but I suppose that is the nature of film making.
When you are hypnotised you are fully aware of all that is going on around you, a phone ringing, a car passing by or a clock ticking. You will however be in a state of deep relaxation, which may feel like you do when you are half asleep. Many people say it is a nice relaxed state, which makes them feel good during the session and afterwards.

Q, Does hypnotherapy always work?

A, I wish I could say yes, but like other therapies hypnotherapy isn’t always for everyone. I also practise reflexology and though I’ve had some very good successes over the years I’ve also had clients who just didn’t respond well to their treatment and therefore hypnotherapy can be like that.
Hypnotherapy is very much an interactive therapy and you should want to be helped with whatever problem it is you have come for treatment for, for example, you will not stop smoking if you don’t really want to do so and hypnotherapy cannot force you to stop. Some people would come along to seek help with stopping smoking because their partner wants them to stop, straight away I would stop the session as there would be no point unless you want to stop. If you wanted to lose weight and it’s really your wish then there is a better chance of success rather than coming along because other people have suggested it would be a good idea.

Q, How many sessions would it take to cure my fear of something or to stop smoking?

A, Before beginning a course of treatment I would bring you in for a comprehensive consultation in which I will endeavour to discover as much about your problem as possible, I would then be able to work out roughly how many sessions it will take to resolve the problem, in some cases it may take a few more sessions than I at first thought or it could turn out that you would need less sessions than I indicated in the beginning. As for stopping smoking, I would hope to resolve the issue within one session, although this could be quite a long session.