Relaxation Sessions

Relaxing sounds like the easiest thing in the world, yet so many people find it difficult to really relax.

When you go to bed do you find your mind suddenly becomes over active and you just cannot switch off, so you toss and turn until you fall asleep through sheer exhaustion, which in its self isn’t a comfortable sleep? Do you resort to having a couple of alcoholic drinks to help you relax and sleep?
Robert's hands as he performs a relaxing massage.
Having the drinks is not an answer as it can soon become an habit and those couple of drinks become three or four and maybe even more, not a good idea I think you’ll agree.

We all have reasons why we find it hard to relax it could be, personal problems, a medical condition, worries about work or a family matter. What ever it is that keeps you from relaxing can be helped with relaxation sessions. We need to learn how to let go of our worries for a time. How often have you heard the saying, “ Get a good nights sleep and all will look better in the morning”.

This is true, but if you find it difficult to relax then why not come along for a relaxation session. You can either lay on the massage couch or sit in my reflexology chair, which is very comfortable and I shall help you to relax your body, which in turn will relax your mind. I can give you ways in which to help yourself relax once you are back home.
By working together in my treatment room with soft light and gentle music playing I am sure you will learn to relax and let go of the stress and problems that make relaxation difficult for you.

You can book for either an half hour or a full hour session.

1/2 hour relaxation session £25.
1 hour relaxation session £35.