Robert starts by applying lotion or talc to his handsHe then gives a short foot massageHe then works his way through a set series of reflex pointsreflex point at the ball of the footThis form of pressure massage is administered to the feet, although the hands can be used and some practitioners even use the ear.

Reflexology works on the idea that the body and all its systems are mirrored on the feet and by using finger and thumb pressure, problems and disorders can be either cured or eased.
I have had some great results while treating people with any number of conditions.

Reflexology is another complimentary therapy which has its origins in ancient China, although there is evidence that the ancient Egyptians were also practising Reflexology. It is also claimed that North American Indians practised a form of pressure massage on the feet to help with different conditions and disorders.
rmanipulating the joint of the big toe title=manipulating the joint of the toeworking his way to the heel
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When you have a Reflexology treatment, you only need to remove your footwear. You can either lie on the treatment couch or sit in the Reflexology chair, whichever you find the most comfortable.

I will begin with a short foot massage using talcum powder. The talcum powder will stop any friction between my fingers and thumbs and your feet.

I will start to press my thumbs into the reflex points. You may experience sharp pinprick pains; this will mean there is a problem within that particular area of the body. I would work on this area a little longer to ease whatever the problem might be.

After the treatment I will discuss with you, the findings I made during the treatment. Reflexology should be given once a week for six weeks. If there is no change to the condition we are trying to help then Reflexology isn’t the therapy for you, in this way you are not wasting your time and money. If the treatment were successful there would be no need for further treatments, although some clients find it useful to have a treatment every four to six weeks to maintain their health.

Migraine, sinusitis, digestive problems, bladder and kidney disorders, inner ear conditions, arthritis pain, skin problems such as eczema and Psoriasis, insomnia and much more.

1 hour, £35.
1 hour plus 1/2hr foot massage, £40.