New Year, New You.

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas and the turkey dinner is a distant memory along with all those chocolates, party snacks and lets not forget the beer, wine and cocktails.

Yes Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone and you are now thinking of the year ahead.

Did you make a resolution to get fit and lose a few pounds and try and make 2013 a healthier year?

Although your resolution is a laudable one, it isn’t always easy to keep and maybe you need some support.

Many of you will join the Gym, which isn’t a bad idea if you can afford the monthly subscription. You can exercise without going to the Gym, why not start taking brisk walks, a walk round the block or round the local park not only burns calories but gets you out into the fresh air, working out at home is always an option, press ups and sit ups, skipping, aerobic exercises can be done at home as well as at the Gym.

There is no need to begin the latest faddy diet. All you really need to do is cut down on the amount of food you eat, cut out fat as much as you can and if you have a sweet tooth then simply cut down on your intake of sugar. It is quite simple.

So there you are, exercising, watching your weight and all in all getting yourself fitter and healthier, so why not treat yourself to a good massage. A massage will help relax those aching tight muscles after working out.

I have often been asked if massage can help someone to lose weight. The simple answer is it can help if the person is being proactive in dieting and exercising.

Do you have other problems, which you have put up with for some time and have never tried to do anything about, well maybe Reflexology could be the treatment you are looking for? Reflexology can help to combat many common ailments and complaints.

Perhaps you have decided to start to relax off a little. Do you have a stressful job, which makes it difficult for you to relax at the end of the day? Maybe you should try one of my treatments, which are guaranteed to promote well-being and aid better sleep.

So why not give me a call for more information about the treatments I offer. I could see you here in my therapy room at home or I can book you in at the Barking bath house.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let my treatments be a part of your happy new year.