patient lays on the hydro therm cushionRobert massages patient's shouldersRobert massages patient's abdomenThis massage is given while the client lies on a cushion of warm water.

This treatment is perfect for those people who cannot lie on their front to have a back massage.

The warmth from the Hydro therm cushion, relaxes the muscles helping to ease tension. I can slide my hands between the cushion and the clients back and perform the massage treatment.
There are several reasons why someone might find it difficult to lay face down, maybe they suffer pain in their back when in this position or they find it hard to relax and therefore the warm water helps to achieve this.

Pregnant women often suffer back pain and would not be able to have a massage in the usual way; again a Hydro therm treatment comes into its own.
Like my other massage treatment, Hydro therm can help with any number of disorders and conditions, although some people like the relaxing benefits of such a treatment.

Unfortunately I would not be able to offer this treatment on a home visit.

½ hour, £30.
1 hour, £45.