At this time of year we all become susceptible to those winter colds with their annoying coughs.
There are all manner of over the counter medicines to help with those coughs, but why not give something natural a go.
Earlier this year and just a couple of weeks ago I had a cough, which was driving me to distraction. Someone told me to try the following natural remedy to rid myself of the cough.

Honey, Ginger and Lemon juice.

Simply squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a mug, slice or grate a little fresh ginger into the juice and add a teaspoon of honey or more if you prefer. Pour on hot water stir up and enjoy.

This makes a pleasant warming drink, which is welcome in this cold weather, but it also really helps to see off that annoying cough.
I found if I drank a mug before retiring for the night I managed a good night's sleep, which is a bonus when you suffer with a nagging cough. I then drank one or two mugs throughout the day and within a couple of days there was no sign of the cough at all.

Here are a few more tips to help with your winter cold.

If you are suffering with a tickly throat try gargling.

For a good astringent to help breakdown the mucus causing that tickle, simply take a cup of warm water and add a little apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey. Stir it up until the honey as dissolved, make sure the liquid isn't to hot and have a good gargle.

A good old-fashioned hot toddy can do the trick if you are so congested that it is difficult to sleep.

Make yourself a cup of herbal tea and add a teaspoon of honey, then add a shot of either bourbon or whisky. This remedy is best if drunk just before going to bed and will help to aid a good night sleep.

Another simple idea is to raise your head a little more, which helps to stop mucus building up and making you cough.

Place an extra pillow under your head and this should do the trick, but if this is uncomfortable you could try putting a small block of wood beneath the legs of the head end of the bed, which would make your bed slope slightly and therefore would do the same job as using an extra pillow. You could even try placing the extra pillow under the head end of the mattress, which again would help.

Are your sinuses congested? If so why not try hot or cold packs around your nose. Cold or heat can both help with this particular problem.

Your local chemist should stock heat or cold packs, which are reusable or why not try using a damp face cloth heated in the microwave for 45 seconds, place this over or around your nose.

WARNING! Make sure the cloth isn’t to hot as you don’t want to burn your face.

For a cold pack you could use the face cloth again, but this time soak it in a bowl of cold water, squeeze out and place on or around the nose. Some people use a bag of frozen peas, which will work very well, but always wrap the bag of peas in a cloth before placing on the face. Placing frozen peas directly to the skin can result in ice burns, which can be rather painful.

Another way of clearing blocked nasal passages is to add one teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water then closing one nostril sniff some of the salt water up through the other nostril and simply repeat the process with the other nostril. Here are a few things you could eat more of to ease your cold symptoms
Mustard and horse radish can help clear congestion as can chilli peppers, eating onion is also good with breaking down mucus, although if you go down this route and you have a partner it may be best to sleep separately until your cold as cleared up.

If your symptoms continue for more than a couple of weeks then it might be advisable to contact your doctor to make sure there isn't something else causing your problems.