On this page I will look at a different condition or disorder each month. I shall explain a little about the problem and show how one of my treatments could help


At this time of year we all become susceptible to those winter colds with their annoying coughs.
There are all manner of over the counter medicines to help with those coughs, but why not give something natural a go.
Earlier this year and just a couple of weeks ago I had a cough, which was driving me to distraction. Someone told me to try the following natural remedy to rid myself of the cough.

New Year, New You.

It’s been a few weeks since Christmas and the turkey dinner is a distant memory along with all those chocolates, party snacks and lets not forget the beer, wine and cocktails.

Yes Christmas and New Year’s Eve have come and gone and you are now thinking of the year ahead.

Did you make a resolution to get fit and lose a few pounds and try and make 2013 a healthier year?

Although your resolution is a laudable one, it isn’t always easy to keep and maybe you need some support.


Someone with a stress headacheStress is not just another of those buzz words, which seem to come into our lexicon every now and again.
Stress is real and it can be the cause of many problems.

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