A New Year, A New You

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about things we could change in our lives.

How often have you promised yourself to stop smoking, cut down on your drinking or maybe lose those extra pounds you really don’t like carrying.

Just because you’ve tried to make the changes and slipped back into the old ways is not a reason to not try again, because you had problems keeping up the good work in the past does not mean you are a failure.
It could mean there are deeper issues going on, which makes it difficult for you to stay on track, maybe something in your past triggered your unhealthy love of food, maybe peer pressure played a big part in you accepting that first cigarette and could there be other issues going on, which makes you drink more than is good for you.

Hypnotherapy can help deal with long buried issues, which can have an impact throughout your life.

We all know smoking can kill, it also costs a fortune, so why not make a promise to yourself to stop once and for all because I am sure with hypnotherapy you can become a non-smoker and therefore enjoy improved health and have more cash in your pocket.

Let hypnotherapy help with your problems with food and thereby help you lose those unwanted pounds/kilos. Think how much better you will feel as those pounds/kilos fall away and you begin to see just how good you look, you will be over the moon when you find you can fit in those old skinny jeans once more or you drop a few dress sizes.

Enjoying a social drink is fine, it is a nice way to unwind at the end of a stressful week, but it can tip over into unhealthy drinking if you are not careful and once you are on that slippery slope it can be difficult to alter track as you become more dependent on alcohol.

Hypnotherapy can really help to make those changes that need to be made in your battle to tackle these issues, so why not give me a call and book yourself a session, after all what do you have to lose other than those unhealthy habits, those unwanted pounds/kilos or that one to many hangovers.

So start 2016 with a new you, give yourself the kick start you need to change for the better, if you really want it, it’s at your fingertips, so give me a call and let’s talk, let’s start you on the road to your new healthy life style.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a treatment, which can reach into the sub-conscious mind and change long held beliefs, which can be causing us to suffer difficulties throughout our life.

An example could be, a young woman is bullied because she is slightly overweight, the continuous barbs and negative comments become stored within the woman’s mind and she becomes more and more unhappy with her size and because of this she begins a campaign of weight loss in a very destructive way and this leads to an eating disorder...

Relaxation Sessions

Relaxing sounds like the easiest thing in the world, yet so many people find it difficult to really relax.

When you go to bed do you find your mind suddenly becomes over active and you just cannot switch off, so you toss and turn until you fall asleep through sheer exhaustion, which in its self isn’t a comfortable sleep? Do you resort to having a couple of alcoholic drinks to help you relax and sleep?
Robert's hands as he performs a relaxing massage.
Having the drinks is not an answer as it can soon become an habit and those couple of drinks become three or four and maybe even more, not a good idea I think you’ll agree.

We all have reasons why we find it hard to relax it could be, personal problems, a medical condition, worries about work or a family matter. What ever it is that keeps you from relaxing can be helped with relaxation sessions. We need to learn how to let go of our worries for a time. How often have you heard the saying, “ Get a good nights sleep and all will look better in the morning”.

This is true, but if you find it difficult to relax then why not come along for a relaxation session. You can either lay on the massage couch or sit in my reflexology chair, which is very comfortable and I shall help you to relax your body, which in turn will relax your mind. I can give you ways in which to help yourself relax once you are back home.
By working together in my treatment room with soft light and gentle music playing I am sure you will learn to relax and let go of the stress and problems that make relaxation difficult for you.

You can book for either an half hour or a full hour session.

1/2 hour relaxation session £25.
1 hour relaxation session £35.

Top and Toe

Bob massaging head and foot.
How is this for a great relaxing treatment. I would like to introduce the top and toe massage.
“ What is a top and toe massage?” I can hear you say.
Top and toe massage is an hour treatment in which I will massage the head and face and then massage the feet.
Everyone loves having their feet massaged especially when they ache and feel tired and painful. Maybe you have been dashing round the shops all day or your work means you spend much of the day on your feet, if this sounds like you then a foot massage would be just what you need. Now imagine having both your head and feet treated at the same time. Having your head and face massaged helps to smooth out all the worry and stress of the day. We all carry stress in our upper bodies and this can produce headaches, anxiety, insomnia and many other conditions. The head and face massage can bring about a feeling of well-being and promote better sleep.
So what’s not to like, if you want a nice relaxing pampering treatment, why not give top and toe a try, if you have a condition or disorder, which might respond well with the top and toe massage then give me a call and I would be happy to discuss the treatment with you and if you decide to give it a go then I can make you an appointment.

1 hour of top and toe treatment is £35.
But I am offering an introductory price of £25 if you book before October 31st.